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A group of teachers and other professionals.
Jesse Bisceglia

Jesse Bisceglia
Sr. Education Officer, Plaza Familia


Jesse is a creative thinker who is passionate about making learning fun and engaging for every kid. With a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education and another Masters in Literacy, Jesse leads a team of educators at Plaza Familia.

"I closely know people who would benefit from immigration reform. "

Corey Toles

Corey Corey


Jennifer Anne

Jennifer Jennifer


I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish and lived in Spain for 5 months. I love all cultures and languages and fully support the preservation of both.
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"I support Immigration because we need to modernize the system. Our current immigration methods are outdated and backed up. As a result, those who truly desire to be part of the United States have very little hope of ever fulfilling that dream and must remain here "illegally" despite their efforts."

Matt Duling

Matt Matt


I'm a high school math teacher in upstate New York

"This country was built by immigrants who were seeking a better life here in the United States. Anyone who wants to come here to seek a better life should be welcomed, regardless of what nation they come from."

Yvonne De La Pena

Yvonne Yvonne
Chief Academic Officer, Plaza Familia


Raised in Mexico, I immigrated to Texas after high school with my parents and younger sister, where I obtained a B.S. in Computer Sciences from UT Austin. My next stop was at Silicon Valley where I worked as a software engineer for several years before entering graduate school. Recently I graduated from UCLA with a PhD in Education. During my free time I volunteer with non-profit organizations dedicated to making technology and computing more accessible to underrepresented youth.
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"Family unity; path to citizenship for individuals who contribute to our society and economic system; opportunities for young talent to join our workforce."

Edith Tapia

Edith Edith
Cuponeando PR, Incorporado


Edith's expertise in couponing and retailing has given her the opportunity to be a corporate consultant for many brands and retailers that want to introduce coupons as a marketing strategy.

"United States started as a group of people who migrated to the Americans. "

Betty Galvan

Betty Betty
Founder and Writer, My Friend Betty Says...


MFBS is a Latina lifestyle blog written by Betty Galvan, a former teacher turned SAHM, turned blogger and freelance writer. Mexican-American from Chgo gone NYC, gone Asia and now staying put in NJ.

"My parents were immigrants, now business owners. My brother and I became teachers and our little sister is in the process. My sons are bilingual and I'm teaching them to contribute to this wonderful country because their grandparents have made it all possible for them. "