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Keeping families together
Monica Vila

Monica Vila
Co-founder, Online Mom Media


Born and raised in Mexico+moved to the US for a job trainee position,today focused on helping consumers harness the power of technology

"Immigration has enriched our culture and strengthened our economy. Immigration is the secret sauce of our true power as a nation as we welcome the many points of views formed by different experiences and traditions. Let's not vilify immigrants for pursuing the dream of a better life and let's not separate families for fear of division."

Carolyn Gonzalez

Carolyn Carolyn


I am a former city girl living in the mountains of North Carolina with my hubby. I am a writer, blogger, fundraiser, event planner, traveler, Costa Rican American, foodie and wannabe chef.

"I am for Comprehensive Immigration Reform because it can only make this country better. Immigrants will always come to the United States to find a better life. Why not make their immigration easier and make it work for this country? This country was built by immigrants and that has made this country the melting pot it is. "

Susana Garza

Susana Susana
Founder, S&F Consulting


Born/raised in Mexico, migrated to Texas with family, worked for state of TX 18 yrs, started business consulting company where the services are centered around your business' health & success.

""I support immigration because people of different nationalities, cultures and languages add diversity and richness to our everyday.""


Jessie Nuez

Jessie Jessie


Born and bred New Yorker, Tech blogger and Editor passionate about using technology to better educate our children.

"Everyone deserves an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and become great leaders for future generations. "

Felisa Hilbert

Felisa Felisa
Educator, Global Citizen,


Shot@Life Champion, White House Champion of Change in Education, Traveler, exotic food tester, Results Volunteer trying to help eradicate poverty and childhood diseases from this world.

"As an educator I have seen many families separated. We are a country of immigrants believe that without immigrants any country will die. "