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Mariela Abreu

Mariela Abreu


Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Vanessa
Freelance Writer, De Su Mama


Bicultural Latina born in the United States, writing about our hyphenated experience. Born to Cuban immigrants, I am raising my biracial, bicultural children with a love of their Latino roots.

"Although I was born an American citizen, my parents were not. We lived in the constant pursuit of American citizenship. I cannot imagine growing up with the fear of deportation as a child. Immigration reform needs to happen because young American citizens demand it."

Staci Salazar

Staci Staci
Blogger, 7 on a Shoestring


Texas Mom Blogger of 5 from toddler to teens living the dream... from home!

"As the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, I have a heart and passion for others in similar situations. I know friends that were brought over by the parents and only recently found out of their citizenship status. They deserve a chance to continue to prosper in the only country they have ever called home. "

Claudya Martinez

Claudya Claudya
Creator in Chief, UnknownMami.com


A San Francisco Bay Area Latina with a laptop and a voice.

"As the daughter of an immigrant mother, how can I not support immigration? "

Kristina Nunez

Kristina Kristina
Blogger, Hott Mama in the City


Kristina Nunez Kristina Nunez @HotMamaNtheCity I'm Kristina. Lifestyle blogger, Mom of 2, Latina, Influential, Awesome, Brand Promoter. Living life in SATX with my beautiful little family.

"My grandparents immigrated from mexico 45 years ago to live the American dream."

Denise Cortes

Denise Denise
Editor/Content Creator, Pearmama.com


Latina blogger, writer, artist and mother of six. Committed to creative expression--teaching art to children as a means of educating, uplifting the soul and cultivating self-worth.

"Families should not be separated and people should be free to live where they choose and gain citizenship in order to seek a better life for themselves and their family."

Rafael Gomez

Rafael Rafael


I been living in the USA from my teens, now i have a family and i fight every day for a better life. I'm an AMERICAN BORN AS A MEXICAN AND AMERICAN BY CHOICE

"I am the epiphany of what is an immigrant! All I ask is to grow in the country that gave me maturity. I always respected the values ​​of this great nation and for what it stands!!!, but without losing my origins or my identity! I AM AMERICAN"