90,622 Marched - September 21st 2013 - NYC


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Featured Gangs
  • Lisann Valentin
    LATISM, Actor. Writer. Attorney.Co-Director, NYC Chapter http://www.HerDeepThoughts.com


    Lisann Valentin, Co-Director LATISM New York is a professional actor, writer and lawyer who is passionate about using social media as a functional tool to create opportunities for Latinos.

    "Knowledge. Passion. Unity. Action. Change."

  • Jes Sofia Valle
    CEO, Bloggers of Health www.bloggersofhealth.com


    Jes Sofia Valle, MA MFTI Psychotherapist | CEO of Bloggers of Health |Director of LATISM LA | NLBWA National Board Member | President of Turning Leaves Foundation | Lover of Life

    "We all come from somewhere else. "

  • Ana Roca Castro
    CEO, Plaza Familia, #LATISM Founder http://plazafamilia.com


    Education Tech Developer. CEO of Plaza Família, #LATISM Founder, Social Entrepreneur, Proud Latina, Mother and Wife

    "Immigration is a fundamental right. We are a country built by immigrants for immigrants. In order to keep building the US economy we must pass the Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

  • Helen Troncoso
    Doctor of Physical Therapy, CEO & Founder, Reinventing You, LLC www.helentroncoso.com


    Ms. New York America 2012. DPT. TV host @VmeTV, health expert, writer & advocate. #LATISM NY Co-Director. Happy, healthy & grateful.

    "Comprehensive Immigration Reform is needed for a healthy community. "

  • Elma Placeres Dieppa
    Partner/CEO, Hashclans www.hashclans.com


    Opinionated momtrepreneur and wife, believer that common sense is uncommon. Leaning in and speaking out since the mid 90s. Powered by music and espresso.

    "America was built on immigration. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is highly overdue. It's a matter of humanity, economics, and doing what's right."